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Bonifacio   The marina, the citadel and old town, and the views across the harbour and surrounding cliffs are the individual highlights of your visit, but it is the atmosphere and Mediterranean ambiance that will stay longest in your memory… …so be sure to allow time to simply sit on [...]



Orgosolo   Orgosolo lies in the heart of the mountain area of the Barbagia del Supramonte. Its hinterland is strewn with the traces of the ancient dwellers of Sardinia: domus de janas, tombs of the giants and the nuraghes of Su Calavriche, Mereu and Gorroppu. Towards the end of the [...]


North West

North West   CASTELSARDO Castelsardo is one of the most amazing places of the whole Sardinia. This small town in the northern west side of the island lies in the middle of the famous Golfo dell’ Asinara. This old middle age settlement combines the beauty of a crystal see with the [...]



CAGLIARI Cagliari, overlooking the Golfo degli Angeli, is an ancient city founded by Phoenician traders. Long the heart of Sardinia’s political, economic, tourist and cultural life, it spreads across seven hills: Castello, Colle San Michele, Colle di Bonaria, Monte Urpinu, Monte Claro, Tuvu Mannu and Tuvixeddu. The city, which has [...]