Sardinia Wine and Food Tour 8 days


Sardinia, land of History, Traditions, beautiful beaches and gourmet.
In this tour we will discover some of the unique spots and food specialities of this beautiful island.
From the Old wine cellars that produce the finest wine to the shepherd traditions with the simple and genuine food.
Exciting days around Sardinia hanging with local people and their gourmet traditions.
Of course we will visit some of the most authentic and beautiful monuments and spot of Sardinia, such the Nuraghi, the Roman towns, and Cagliari town.

Day 1 – Meals: D
Highlights: Wine Tour Argiolas
Overnight: Oristano

Group arrival in Cagliari airport, meeting with local guide and beginning of the tour.
We drive to Serdiana: it is time for us to discover the beautiful Argiolas Winery, home to many beautiful Sardinian Wines! We visit the whole winery, including the barrique hall and the new buildings designed by famous architect Cuellen. Of course at the end of the visit we taste the most important wines of Sardinia: the red ones, Cannonau and Monica, and the white wines, Nuragus and Vermentino.
After the workshop we transfer to Oristano region for Overnight
Km total: 110

Day 2 – Meals: B, L, D
Highlights: Wine Tour Contini, Cabras Pond, Peschiera Pontis
Overnight: Oristano

In the morning we first discover the stunning Contini Winery in Cabras; this winery is a specialist of Vernaccia wine.
This strong, dry dessert wine is very ancient, known from the Roman times, and it has many specificities: it ages for more then 40 years, it likes
temperature changes and it ages in barrels with air inside! After the wine tasting we arrive to the extraordinary Pond of Cabras: with its 3000
square km and more, it is the biggest in the whole island and it’s protected by international agreements. The pond is still in use as a fishing
reserve, thanks to its several Peschiere. We will visit the Peschiera Pontis, the most important one, and discover how man and nature interact in
order to create a unique cultural landscape. The main product of this region is the Grey Mullet, a fish able to live both in salted and sweet water.
Young mullets from the sea enter the mouth of the ponds looking for sweet water. This is why the Peschiera or (fish tank) is created at the
mouth of the pond: once fish is in, it can’t get out. In this beautiful landscape we will admire all the historical buildings of a Peschiera, the fish
traps and the Canals.

Lunch Today we have lunch in the Cabras Pond region together with local fishermen and discover two local recipes:
• Merka, cooked and salted mullet prepared with ponds local herbs (originally the fishermen meal)
• Bottarga, salted and dried mullet roe

The Sinis region is an ancient region: we will visit the ancient town of Tharros, founded by Phoenicians nearly 3.000 years ago. This town lies on a
stunning promontory on the sea, and made beautiful in the roman times. We walk through this town and discover the civil and religious areas.
After the visit we drive back to accommodation
Km total: 75


Day 3 – Meals: B, L, D
Highlights: Nuraghe Losa, Liquer tour, Casizzolu and Bue Rosso in Montiferru land of cattle farmers.
Overnight: Alghero

After check out from accommodation we depart on the road to Abbasanta, we visit the stunning Nuraghe Losa: considered one of the best in
Sardinia, this beautiful monument dating from the II millennium bC is composed by a central tower connected with three side towers. We
discover the perfect elegance of the tholos and the strength of the external towers and the fortified walls. After the visit we reach
Santulussurgiu, rocky village in the Montiferru region. We visit the Pische Distillery, who produce the best Sardinian Abbardente, delicious
traditional grappa.

Lunch We have lunch at the local gourmet restaurant and discover the Bue Rosso del Montiferru, local rough grazing Cattle:
Its meat can be roasted and it is delicious, and its milk is the base of the delicious Casizzolu cheese.

We reach the countryside of Macomer, in the heart of Sardinia, and visit a local cheese farm specialist in the production of delicious raw-milk
cow cheese, including Casizolu and Fresa. These fresh cheeses are daily made, so it will be a unique occasion for us to taste authentic fresh
Km total: 200

Day 4 – Meals: B, L, D
Highlights: Alghero walkin tour, Bosa walking tour, Malvasia wine tasting
Overnight: Bitti

After check out from accommodation we discover Alghero, magnificent town on the Sardinian Western Coast, with its historical centre, the
narrow roads, the ramparts and the towers on the sea. The whole town centre is a symbol of the Catalan period of Sardinian history. After the
visit we drive on the panoramic coastal road, and finally we reach Bosa, beautiful medieval town located at the mouth of the Temo River.

Lunch In local restaurant in Bosa.

We visit the centre of Bosa and also enjoy a taste of the delicious local Malvasia, a perfect dessert wine grown only in this part of the island. A
few years ago this wine was awarded the price as Best Italian Wine!
We transfer through the heart of Sardinia and reach the Barbagia region, in the Gennargentu Mountains
Km total: 190



Day 5 – Meals: B, L, D
Highlights: Cheese tour, Filindeu pasta making, Wine Tour in Oliena
Overnight: Bitti

The Barbagia region is the heart of shepherdry in Sardinia. Shepherds are still an important part of Sardinian Culture. We visit the excellent
organic cheese farm located in Bitti: here shepherds produce the excellent Pecorino cheese with raw milk: you can obtain this delicious cheese
only by rough grazing, and the altitude of the land is more then 750 m! We visit the property and enjoy a tasting of local cheese, awarded
important prizes for organic production.

Lunch Our lunch in the Barbagia region will be a stunning experience: we will first enjoy the making of the Filindeu handmade pasta: this word means ‘God’s strings’: it’s a durum wheat pasta composed by very thin spaghetti: the only way to produce it is to make pasta thinner and thinner until it becomes a nearly invisible string!
This kind of pasta is ideal for soups and typical from Barbagia: only a few persons know how to prepare it properly.

We move to Oliena, important village of the Barbagia region, specialist in the production of excellent prosciutto and delicious Nepente red wine.
We will visit the Puddu family, specialists in the production of both delicious products. We will admire the traditional and modern way of
seasoning pork meet and to let it to age with salt for several month. The result is delicious and unique! Once on site we naturally taste prosciutto
and wine!
We transfer back to accommodation
Km total: 100


Day 6 – Meals: B, L, D
Highlights: The Marmilla and Ortacesus, the bread workshop
Overnight: Cagliari

After check-out from accommodation we leave the Barbagia region cross the heart of Sardinia.
We leave the Gennargentu mountains and arrive to the hills of the Marmilla region. This is the heart of the Durum Wheat production of Sardinia
since 2.500 years! Sardinia used to be one of the granaries of Rome and since today the bread and pasta tradition is very strong in this region.

Lunch Our lunch will be based on the Lorighittas handmade pasta. Lorighittas means little ring: it’s a durum wheat pasta hand shaped into a twisted ring: You can get it only in a few villages in the Marmilla region!

We reach Ortacesus, and discover the local bread museum. After the visit we will also participate to the beautiful bread-baking workshop:
everyone will prepare Sardinian ritual bread with its decorations. Bread is baked at the end of workshop. A unique souvenir from Sardinia!
Km Total: 250

Day 7 – Meals: B, L, D
Highlights: Carloforte, home of the best Tuna fish of Sardinia
Overnight: Cagliari

We depart on south western Sardinia, we board on the Ferry boat to Carloforte and we reach this tiny island located just a few miles from
Sardinia Mainland. Carloforte is a village whose inhabitants came originally from Genua, and they are great sailors and fishermen. We visit the
unique Tonnara of Carloforte: a tonnara is a complex system of nets created in order to trap the large groups of Tuna fishes when they cross the
sea in front of the island. This is also the place where tuna is worked, boiled and preserved in olive oil or salted, or dried.
After the visit we will enjoy a tasting of tuna fish, this is the most famous specialty of Carloforte!

Lunch In local restaurant in Carloforte

We enjoy some free time for relax in the village of Carloforte, and enjoy a tour of the whole island before boarding on the ferry boat back to
Sardinia Mainland.
Km Total: 220

Day 7 – Meals: B
Highlights: Cagliari walking tour

We Discover Cagliari, the Capital of Sardinia: first of all we visit the historical centre of Cagliari, including the Castle with its towers and the main
Transfer to Cagliari airport and end of our services


What is included:
– Private bus for whole program
– English speaking tour escort, wine and food expert
– Hotels 4 stars in half board
– Visit to Argiolas winery in Serdiana and wine tasting on site (day 1)
– Visit to Contini winery in Cabras including wine tasting on site (day 2)
– Traditional seafood Lunch in Peschiera in Pond of Cabras (day 2) (beverages not included
– Visit to the Pische distillery and tasting of Abbardente on site (day 3)
– Lunch with the Montiferru products in Santulussurgiu (day 3) (beverages not included)
– Visit of a Casizolu cheese farm in Macomer region (Day 3)
– Lunch in local restaurant in Bosa (day 4) (beverages not included)
– Tasting of Malvasia in Bosa region (day 4)
– Visit of organic cheese farm in Bitti and tasting on site (day 5)
– Lunch in Barbagia region including Filindeu and traditional menu (day 5) (beverages not included)
– Visit to Prosciutto and Nepente wine farm in Oliena and tasting on site (day 5)
– Lunch including Lorighittas Pasta (day 6) (beverages not included)
– Tickets for ferry boat to and from Carloforte (day 7)
– Visit to the Tonnara of Carloforte (day 7)
– Tuna fish lunch in Carloforte (day 7) (beverages not included)

What is not included:
– Tips and extra personal
– Tourist city taxes where compulsory
– Tickets for monuments, museums and archaeological sites
– Any other service not made explicit in “Price includes”