When choosing a venue for your next meeting or event there is more to consider than just the budget. Taking into account who is attending, from how far and how many you should plan to ask the following about any potential venue:


Does the venue fit the company’s corporate image? Does it give the correct impression for this particular event? Will it appeal to the target audience? Will the venue’s staff add to the attendees’ experience in a positive way?

Many other questions are asked when an event is planned, Flysardinia team will help you to answer all the questions and give you the best location at the best available rate.

A lot of the above questions can be answered by a visit to the venue’s website. If it is a venue you have never used before you may want to ask the opinion of other companies that have held meetings orsocial dinner there to find out what their experience was like. If the meeting is an important one you may wish to visit the venue personally to get a first hand impression of the layout, suitability and, very importantly, the attitude of the management and staff.

At the end of the day you want to get the most out of your meeting and the venue you choose has to add rather than detract from the experience of those attending.  So take the time to choose carefully.

We are here to help you in this choosing.