Sardinia: Your Unforgettable Destination
Discover the allure of Sardinia, an enchanting island that beckons travelers with its myriad wonders and unique experiences.

Natural Beauty in La Maddalena Park
In La Maddalena Park, you’ll find a pristine paradise where the crystal-clear waters make your boat appear to float on air rather than water. Here, beaches boast immaculate white and rosy sands, and island after island awaits exploration. Venture from Sardinia to discover the hidden gems of the Corsican Archipelago, including Lavezzi, Cavallo, and Bonifacio.

Costa Smeralda: A World of Luxury
Costa Smeralda invites you to indulge in evenings, dinners, and parties in breathtaking settings. Marvel at granite rocks sculpted by the sea into mesmerizing caves, revel in the finest clubs in Italy, or unwind in a luxurious villa with private sea access. Porto Cervo’s legendary deluxe hotels offer opulent accommodations. Renowned artists like Elton John, Eric Clapton, Jamiroquai, Mary J Blige, and others grace the stage during summer performances. Explore Harrod’s shopping haven in Porto Cervo’s Piazzetta, where many other prestigious brands await.

Rich History and Unique Experiences
Sardinia boasts a historic seafront villa where the Romanovs once vacationed over a century ago. Dine in a lighthouse overlooking the sea or embark on a steam train journey. Immerse yourself in the charm of a perfectly restored Medieval Borgo, exclusively reserved for you.

Savor Gastronomic Delights
In southern Sardinia, embark on a thrilling BIG Game fishing adventure, seeking the world’s finest tuna. Relish exquisite local lobster, the nation’s finest saffron, olive oil from thousand-year-old trees, and wild boar meat prepared in the traditional spit-roasting method passed down through the ages. Our Gold Medal Carignano wine is produced in ancient European Piede Franco vineyards by the beach, and our Vernaccia dessert wine matures for over 50 years in barrels. Artisans craft Italy’s finest knives from the horns of wild Muflone goats, and our exquisite red coral jewelry is unparalleled.

Adventure Amidst Mountain Majesty
Sardinia’s mountainous terrain unveils Europe’s steepest canyon, just an hour away by helicopter from any point on the island. Explore its depths and savor a specially arranged, delectable lunch.

Ancient History and Unique Archaeological Sites
Sardinia’s history spans back 4,000 years to 4000 B.C., and the island boasts archaeological sites found nowhere else. Immerse yourself in our rich heritage.
Sardinia is an endless island of wonder and adventure, offering something for every traveler. Come and explore its treasures, and you’ll discover why Sardinia is your ultimate destination.