Location: Various picturesque locations across Sardinia
Duration: A delightful 4-hour experience
Participants: Perfect for groups of 15 or more

Sardinia’s rich sheep farming tradition dates back over 3,000 years, and to this day, thousands of shepherds continue this ancient way of life, relying on their skill in breeding sheep and goats. If you’re seeking an authentic Sardinian experience and a deeper connection with the island’s essence, a lunch or dinner with the shepherds is an absolute must. Immerse yourself in Sardinia’s culinary traditions and savor our time-honored recipes.

As you leave your hotel, you’ll journey into the heart of the shepherd’s region, a landscape adorned with vineyards, olive groves, and the forests where shepherds call home. You’ll be greeted by local artists performing traditional dances and music, including the captivating Sardinian Ballu Tundu dance—a joyful experience for everyone.

Your next stop will be the shepherds’ roundhouse, known as the Pinnettu—a structure crafted with stone walls and a wooden roof, reminiscent of ancient Sardinian homes. Here, you’ll witness the traditional preparation of roasted suckling pig, a beloved national dish of Sardinia.

At the lunch or dinner location, one of the shepherds will demonstrate the art of crafting fresh cheese by hand, offering you the chance to taste this real-time creation—a cherished and time-honored ritual. Now, it’s time to dine!

Your culinary journey begins with a selection of locally made cold cuts, salamis, cheeses, and delicious olives. Next, savor the flavors of Malloreddus, traditional pasta with a mouthwatering sausage sauce. Finally, feast on the meat prepared by the shepherds themselves.

For dessert, indulge in fresh cheese paired with local honey—an exquisite combination that captures the essence of Sardinia. And no Sardinian meal would be complete without a taste of Filuferru, the island’s famed local grappa!

After this sumptuous meal, you’ll join in on the final dances with the local artists, capping off an unforgettable Sardinian experience.

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