Sardinia Cultural Tour 8 Days


Welcome to the Classic Sardinia Cultural tour, a captivating journey through the island’s most exquisite locations.
We begin with a dive into Sardinia’s ancient history, exploring the mysteries of the Nuragic people. Unearth remarkable monuments like Giant Tombs and Pyramids, steeped in intrigue.
Discover Sardinia’s natural wonders – pristine beaches, idyllic islands, and rugged mountains where shepherds maintain their traditional way of life. A traditional lunch in an ancient oak forest adds a delicious touch.
Explore the remnants of Phoenician and Roman towns, and visit the bustling towns of Cagliari, Alghero, and Castelsardo, savoring culture, tradition, and shopping.
Join us on this classic tour, the perfect way to uncover Sardinia’s highlights.


• Oristano: Explore the charming town on a walking tour.
• Bosa: Embark on a medieval walking tour in this picturesque town.
• Bosa to Alghero: Enjoy a scenic drive between these two beautiful destinations.
• Alghero: Discover the old Catalan town, a true Sardinian gem, on a guided walk.
• Monte D’Accoddi: Witness the enigmatic Ziggurat, dating back to 3200 BC.
• Saccargia Basilica: Visit the island’s most important Romanesque church.
• Castelsardo: Explore the medieval village and its castle, offering breathtaking sea views.
• Museum of Weaving: Immerse yourself in the world of Sardinian textiles in Castelsardo.
• Coddu Vecchiu: Marvel at the unique necropolis with its striking taurine shape.
• La Maddalena Island: Take a captivating walking tour of this stunning island.
• Garibaldi’s House: Visit the home of Giuseppe Garibaldi, a key figure in Italian independence.
• Porto Cervo and Costa Smeralda: Discover the playground of the world’s wealthiest and most influential figures.
• Orgosolo: Explore this open-air museum adorned with murals depicting social and political themes.
• Lunch with Shepherds: Savor a scenic, traditional lunch beneath the shade of oak trees.
• Su Nuraxi in Barumini: Visit the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site.
• Casa Zapata: Explore a unique Nuraghi structure nestled within a house.
• Cagliari: Stroll through the capital of Sardinia on a guided tour.
• Archaeological Museum of Cagliari: Delve into Sardinia’s history at the island’s most significant archaeological museum.
• Nora: Uncover the secrets of the ancient Phoenician and Roman town.

Day 1: Oristano Arrival and Walking Tour

Upon the arrival of the clients at Cagliari Airport, they will be warmly welcomed by the guide and transferred to the charming town of Oristano. Once they arrive in Oristano, they will have some free time for a leisurely walking tour. Oristano, located on the picturesque west coast of Sardinia, holds a unique historical significance as it was once the capital of the Giudicato di Arborea, a distinctive independent kingdom during the island’s long history of colonization.

The historic center of Oristano is a small but beautifully preserved gem from the medieval ages. Surrounding the town are lush marshes and ponds teeming with fish, such as Cabras and Santa Giusta (formerly known as Othoca), adding to the town’s unique ambiance and culinary offerings. After their exploration of the town, they will proceed to the hotel for check-in, followed by a delightful dinner and a comfortable overnight stay.

Includes: Dinner
Overnight: Oristano


Day 2: Bosa and Alghero

After breakfast, the group sets off for Bosa, a picturesque town filled with character and history. Bosa has carefully preserved its unique charm, with vibrant colors, distinctive architecture, abundant natural beauty, and a rich cultural heritage.
Our guided city tour allows participants to explore Bosa’s historic center and its significant monuments. Led by our knowledgeable guide, guests will uncover the city’s ancient treasures, with a history dating back to Phoenician times and flourishing during the Middle Ages, evident in the impressive Malaspina Castle. The tour begins at Piazzale Nasiriyah, leading through Corso Vittorio Emanuele (“Sa Piatta”), passing beautiful 19th-century palaces and a medieval route through the picturesque Sa Costa area, known for its hillside houses.
Following the Bosa tour, the group enjoys lunch at a typical local restaurant.
In the afternoon, the journey continues to Alghero, a stunning coastal town on Sardinia’s northwest coast. Often referred to as the “Little Barcelona,” Alghero is a top tourist destination known for its Coral Riviera, named after the abundance of red coral found in its waters, some of the finest in the Mediterranean.
Alghero’s old town is a true gem, featuring ancient palaces from the Aragonese era, well-preserved fortifications, and a lively atmosphere with boutiques, restaurants, and pubs. Alghero is renowned for its defensive towers surrounding the old town and the historic Ramparts (bastioni) built during Catalan-Aragonese rule for maritime defense. Notable landmarks include Plàia Civica, a medieval square with the impressive Duke of Abis palace, and the 16th-century S. Maria Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece blending Catalan-Gothic and Renaissance styles.
As evening approaches, the group checks in at the hotel, followed by a delightful dinner and a comfortable overnight stay.

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Overnight: Sassari

Day 3: Ziggurat Monte d’Accoddi and Basilica Saccargia Ba

After breakfast, the day begins with a visit to the Ziggurat of Monte d’Accoddi, a unique megalithic monument in Europe. Shaped like a Mesopotamian Ziggurat, it represents ancient links between Sardinia and the Middle East. Built around 3200-2800 BC on a pre-existing temple, its historical significance is remarkable.
Following this, we head to Codrongianos to explore the Basilica della Santissima Trinità di Saccargia, a key Romanesque site in Sardinia. Constructed during the Middle Ages, this beautiful church is entirely made of local stone, exhibiting Tuscan Romanesque style. Lunch is enjoyed at a nearby restaurant.
In the afternoon, we reach Sassari, Sardinia’s second-largest city, and have free time to explore the city center. Highlights include Piazza d’Italia, known for its remarkable architecture, including the Palazzo della Provincia and Palazzo Giordano.
Sassari’s primary church, the Cathedral of Saint Nicolas, boasts a Romanesque facade with Gothic and Baroque elements. Built from the 12th to the 18th century, it reflects a blend of architectural styles.
As the day ends, we return to the hotel for dinner and an overnight stay.

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Overnight: Sassari

Day 4: Castelsardo, Aggius, and Coddu Vecchju

After checking out from our accommodation in Sassari, we embark on a picturesque journey. First, we follow the panoramic coastal road and make a brief stop in Castelsardo, one of Sardinia’s most enchanting places. This medieval settlement combines the allure of crystal-clear waters with a romantic ambiance. Within the town lies the famous Castello dei Doria, an ancient structure dating back to the eleventh century, which houses the renowned Museo dell’Intreccio (Museum of Weaving), where we’ll explore.
Following this visit, we enjoy lunch at a typical restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Castelsardo.
Our journey continues to Aggius, a charming village nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes of cork-oak trees, granite rocks, and lush Mediterranean greenery. It’s renowned for its well-preserved old houses built from granite stone, representing remarkable examples of local folk architecture.
Further along, we head to Arzachena to explore the magnificent prehistoric tomb of Coddu Vecchiu, the largest Giant’s Tomb in Sardinia. This excursion takes us deep into the region’s ancient history, dating back over 6,000 years to the Neolithic era. These tombs are circular in shape, surrounded by stones and menhirs, protecting the central tomb.
The Giant’s Tombs are believed to be energy accumulators, and recent studies suggest that ancient sacred sites were constructed along these energy pathways. These unique monuments, found exclusively in Sardinia, are of unparalleled historical significance.
Finally, we transfer to Olbia for check-in and dinner at our hotel.

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Overnight: Olbia

Day 5: La Maddalena, Caprera, and Porto Cervo

We begin our day by checking out of our accommodation and heading to Palau, where we’ll board a ferry bound for La Maddalena Island. This charming town, established in 1770, was once a humble fishing village with a rich history, drawing the attention of notable figures like Napoleon Bonaparte in 1793 and Admiral Nelson in 1804, before the Battle of Trafalgar.
La Maddalena is a picturesque and sun-drenched town that annually welcomes many visitors. Its heart revolves around Piazza Garibaldi, a lively square adorned with cafes, historic buildings, and the Town Hall’s offices, creating a vibrant atmosphere.
As we drive along panoramic roads, we’re greeted by breathtaking vistas, where the deep blue sea beautifully blends with the lush greenery of the Mediterranean hinterland. The island is renowned for its unspoiled beaches and sweeping sea panoramas, offering glimpses of French Corsica.
Our exploration continues with a visit to the neighboring island of Caprera, known as the final retreat of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the father of Italian independence. We’ll also explore the Garibaldi Museum during our visit.
A delightful lunch at a typical restaurant awaits, and in the afternoon, we return to Sardinia Mainland by ferryboat. Upon our return, we embark on a tour of the renowned Emerald Coast and Porto Cervo, the summer haven of luxury and international jet-setters. We’ll have the opportunity to stroll through Porto Cervo Marina, graced with exquisite villas and hotels showcasing modern architectural marvels. It’s a place where even James Bond has left his mark in this luxurious paradise.
After our excursion, we return to the hotel for dinner and an overnight stay.

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Overnight: Olbia


Day 6: Orgosolo, Lunch with Shepherds, and Cagliari

After checking out, we head south to Orgosolo, a renowned village known for its murals. Situated in the mountainous Barbagia del Supramonte region, Orgosolo gained notoriety in the late 19th century as a hub of banditry that captured Europe’s attention.
Stroll through the village’s narrow streets and alleys adorned with murals on houses and rocks, depicting social, artistic, and political themes. Orgosolo is also celebrated as one of the birthplaces of “canto a tenore,” a traditional polyphonic choir singing style native to the Barbagia district, recognized by UNESCO as intangible world heritage. While here, admire the 15th-century bell tower of the church of San Pietro, dedicated to the patron saint.
Next, we venture into the mountains for a traditional lunch with shepherds. This hearty meal includes meat, complemented by local pecorino cheese, traditional bread, and robust Cannonau Wine. Shepherdry, with a tradition spanning over 3,000 years, remains vital in Sardinia.
At our rustic lunch spot, witness the traditional preparation of roasted suckling pigs, a national Sardinian dish, before savoring this delightful meal. After lunch, enjoy the famous “Cantu a Tenore,” a style of polyphonic folk singing unique to the Barbagia region.
In the afternoon, we bid farewell to Barbagia and head south to Cagliari, the island’s capital. Here, you’ll have free time to explore the city center, shop, and relax. After check-in, we’ll gather for dinner and spend the night in our hotel.

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch with shepherds, Dinner
Overnight: Cagliari

Day 7: Barumini, Casa Zapata, Cagliari Walking Tour, and Archaeological Museum

After breakfast, we head to Barumini to explore the Nuraghe of Barumini, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an iconic symbol of Sardinia, dating back to the 2nd millennium BC. This ancient structure consists of a central tower, initially nearly 20 meters tall, surrounded by a fortified courtyard and four side towers. Navigating through the labyrinthine corridors and walls inside the monument is a thrilling experience. Beyond the third circle of towers, a village with circular houses spanning over ten centuries awaits.
Next, we visit Casa Zapata, a noble house from the Spanish period, now a museum. During restoration, another Nuraghe was discovered beneath its foundations, offering a unique aerial perspective.
Lunch is served at a nearby restaurant, and we then return to Cagliari. Perched above the Golfo degli Angeli, Cagliari is an ancient city founded by Phoenician traders. It features historic towers, remnants of curtain walls from the medieval Castello district, and the Mediterranean’s largest Phoenician necropolis. Cagliari also attracts birdwatchers with its abundant wildlife, including pink flamingo colonies.
Our city tour takes us through Saint Augustine, Piazza Matteotti, and Via Roma, showcasing highlights like the 17th-century cathedral, towers, and bastions offering panoramic views over Cagliari. We also visit the ancient Cathedral of Santa Maria, Basilica of Bonaria, and the National Archaeological Museum, housing over 4,000 artifacts spanning 7,000 years.
Our day concludes with a farewell dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Overnight: Cagliari

Day 8: Nora town 

After breakfast, we check out and embark on a journey to Nora. This historical town holds the distinction of being the first settlement founded in Sardinia by the Phoenicians, subsequently ruled by the Punics and later by the Romans. Nestled at the tip of a picturesque promontory just outside Pula, in the southwestern region of Cagliari, Nora thrived under Roman influence. The Romans endowed the town with prosperity and beauty, leaving behind a legacy that includes a theater, several thermal baths, and a stunning mosaic.
During our visit, participants will traverse the ancient Roman roads, unlocking the secrets of Roman architecture, marveling at the monuments, and exploring both the religious and civil areas of this archaeological site.
Our journey concludes with a timely transfer to Cagliari’s airport, ensuring you reach your flight on schedule. This marks the end of our services.

Includes: Breakfast

What is included:
• Coach transportation throughout the entire tour, including expenses for the driver.
• Licensed guide proficient in multiple languages for the duration of the tour.
• 3/4 star hotel accommodations with half-board treatment (excluding drinks).
• Lunches at local restaurants (excluding drinks).
• Ferry tickets to La Maddalena Island.
• Lunch with the shepherds, including drinks.
• Traditional Tenore folk singers performance during the lunch with the shepherds.
• Expenses covering guide and drive

What is not included:
• Flight tickets to Sardinia.
• Tickets and entrance fees for museums.
• City taxes (to be paid directly at the hotels).
• Drinks during lunches and dinners.
• Porterage and gratuities.
• Any expenses or items not specifically mentioned in the “What’s Included” section of the quote