In the morning, meet with your eco-tour guide, leave accommodaton and depart on board of 4×4 vehicles.
You’ll discover the beautes of Guturu Mannu, the Southwest part of the Island, known for the WWF park Monte Arcosu.
Comfortably traveling with a Land Rover 7 seats, you will have the chance to discover amazing spots of the mountain countryside; we could admire a hidden mountain , the uncontaminated forest and the pure water springs of the Guturu Mannu forest.
For lunch we will enjoy an extraordinary experience by the river, we will have a typical Sardinian pic nic base on pecorino cheese and coldcuts for aperitvo and barbecue with porks and sausages.
The lunch will be accompanied from our traditonal bread Carasau and the red Cannonau Wine.
In the afernoon driving back to the hotel we will admire the beautful Pink Flamingos.