Discover the vibrant lifestyle and rich history of Cagliari on this enlightening excursion.
Nestled above the scenic Golfo degli Angeli, Cagliari unfolds its story as an ancient city founded by Phoenician traders. With seven hills gracing its skyline—Castello, Colle San Michele, Colle di Bonaria, Monte Urpinu, Monte Claro, Tuvu Mannu, and Tuvixeddu—Cagliari stands as the vibrant heart of Sardinia’s history and culture.
As you wander through the charming streets, discover the city’s rich past reflected in the well-preserved towers and remnants of massive curtain walls surrounding the medieval Castello district. Marvel at the treasures of the largest Phoenician necropolis in the Mediterranean, with artifacts displayed at the Archaeological Museum and even the British Museum in London.

Cagliari’s natural beauty extends to its wetland areas, Santa Gilla and Molentargius, a haven for birdwatchers. Protected by the EU and the Ramsar Convention, these areas host a diverse wildlife spectacle, including flourishing colonies of majestic pink flamingos.
In the heart of the city, uncover architectural gems like the ancient Cathedral of Santa Maria and the iconic Tower of the Elephant. This carefully crafted excursion ensures a seamless and enriching experience, allowing cruise ship passengers to savor the highlights of Cagliari’s history, culture, and natural wonders in the limited time ashore.