Embark on a journey into the heart of Sardinian tradition with a unique and authentic experience in sheep farming. This time-honored tradition, spanning over 3,000 years, remains vibrant in the lives of thousands of shepherds across Sardinia. For an immersive taste of Sardinia’s essence and traditional recipes, join us for a lunch or dinner with the shepherds.

Venturing into the shepherd’s region, adorned with vineyards, olive trees, and forests that house the shepherds, you’ll be welcomed by the lively tunes of traditional dances performed by local artists, including the enchanting Sardinian Ballu Tundu dance—a delightful experience for all. Our journey leads us to the round house of the shepherds, the Pinnettu, constructed with ancient charm—stone walls and a wooden cover. Here, we witness the traditional preparation of roasted suckling pigs, the National dish of Sardinia.

Arriving at the lunch/dinner location, one of the shepherds showcases the art of crafting fresh cheese by hand, a captivating and time-honored ritual. We indulge in a feast beginning with locally made cold cuts, salamis, cheeses, and delicious olives. Savor the flavors of Malloreddus, traditional pasta with sausage sauce, and relish the succulent meat prepared by the shepherds. The grand finale includes a dessert created with fresh cheese and local honey, complemented by a tasting of Filuferru, a local grappa.

As the lunch or dinner concludes, join the final dances with local artists, completing this immersive experience before we move on to the next enchanting step. This excursion is accessible for travelers, including cruise ship passengers, offering a memorable journey through the mountains of Trexenta.