Explore the marvelous Neptune’s Grotto in an exciting boat excursion departing from Alghero. This adventure offers a unique opportunity to discover one of Sardinia’s most fascinating natural wonders.
Your journey begins with a pleasant boat ride along the coast of Alghero. Admire the spectacular scenery, towering the sea cliffs of Capocaccia, and hidden bays as you make your way to Neptune’s Grotto.

Upon arrival, you’ll be transferred to a smaller boat to access the entrance of the cave. The experience of entering Neptune’s Grotto is extraordinary, with its unique rock formations, stalactites, and stalagmites creating an otherworldly environment.
Once inside the cave, you’ll have time to explore and admire the spectacular natural formations that characterize this place. From larger chambers to more intimate niches, Neptune’s Grotto offers a unique experience of underground wonder.

At the conclusion of the cave visit, the boat will take you back along the coast of Alghero, providing a panoramic view of the magnificent cliffs and coves along the way.
This excursion to Neptune’s Grotto from Alghero is an extraordinary opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Sardinia and create unforgettable memories along the island’s western coast.