Location: Outdoor

Several locations available

Duration: Tailor-made according to client needs

Participants: 15 to up


This exciting experience will let you participate to a session of golf for absolute beginners, so you will have fun and discover the world of golf.
Participants will join the following activities:
Long Game: learn the basics of the swing, the elegant and well popular move you need to practice in order to send the golf ball as far as possible! Also you admire the details of the golf clubs, designed with modern technologies in order to assure a better performance!
You will use your strength, your coordination and your ability to aim.
Short Game: Learn the secret techniques you need in order to send the ball into the hole!
Learn how to putt, how to focus on your goals, how to keep concentration, feel the pressure and finally give the right shot!
Finally participants join together for a short game competition.
All details to be reconfirmed and tailor-made according to clients requests.
As golfers say: Drive for the show, putt for the score!