Location: Outdoor or indoor: Several locations available all over Sardinia

Duration: 3 hours

Participants: 10 to 40



In Sardinia beer is appreciated indeed. It is no coincidence if Sardinians drink as much beer, on average, then people from Central Europe! Due to this, in Sardinia the culture of fresh local artisanal beer is strong and there are many little breweries.

This workshop has been designed in order for the participants to learn something more about beer, and discover the basic tecniques in order to brew beer directly at home.

Participants will first of all discover the ingredients of beer, and admire the different qualities of barley, hops and yeasts to be used in order to produce different beers.

It will then possible to partecipate to the process of beer brewing: this includes boiling pots, colours, smells, and the use of weird and fashinating (normally self-produced!) equipment like mills, filters, heating and cooling systems!

It is rustic and has a proper home-mate taste!

Depending on location it will be also possible to visit a professional mini-brewery.

Naturally the activity will be sealed by a tasting of delicious homemade Sardinian beer!