Location: Outdoor: Several locations available

Duration: 4 hours

Participants: 15 to up


Sheep farming is very common in Sardinia: its tradition is older then 3.000 years and still today there are thousands of shepherds in Sardinia who rely for their life on the ability of breeding sheep and goats. This is why a lunch or a dinner with the shepherds is a beautiful and authentic experience if you want to discover the essence of Sardinia and discover our traditional recipes! As soon as we leave the hotel we arrive in the region of the shepherds, with its vineyards, its Olive trees cultivation and the forests where shepherds live. We are welcomed by traditional dances and music performed by local artists: Sardinian Ballu Tundu dance is very attractive and everyone will have fun! We reach the round house of the shepherds, the Pinnettu, still built as an ancient house with stone walls and wooden cover. We will admire the traditional preparation of roasted suckling pigs, the National dish of Sardinia! We reach the lunch/dinner location where one of the shepherds prepares fresh cheese with its own hands in front of us: it is a traditional and ancient ritual, and we can taste the real-time made cheese. It is time for us to have lunch or dinner now! We begin with a selection of locally made cold cuts, salamis and naturally cheeses, together with delicious olives. We will then taste the Malloreddus, traditional pasta with sausage sauce, and finally the meat prepared by the shepherds. The shepherds prepare the dessert, composed by fresh cheese and local honey. The experience will be completed by a taste of Filuferru, local grappa! After Lunch/Dinner Naturally it will be time for us to join the final dances with local artists before we follow to the next step!