Location: Outdoor: The sea in front of Cagliari

Duration: Half day

Participants: 10 to up


This beautiful and charming experience will let your guests discover the unspoilt side of Cagliari, have fun and enjoy the sea in front ot the Capital of Sardinia. We will reach the port of Cagliari, where our sailing boats are waiting for us! The skipper welcomes participants on board… they are now part of a crew of 10 people, and their determination and ability of team-working is the key ingredient of our victory recipe! Boats are lined on the sea, and sailing begin. Sailing will go on for a few hours, on the sea in front of the Devil Saddle promontory, where some hidden bays will reserve a beautiful panorama with the unique view of Cagliari by the sea. Detailed itinerary will be designed also according to the winds. Naturally once the sailing regatta is over, participants will re-group and land again in front of a beautiful beach club; it is time to celebrate the experience with a beautiful Aperitivo based on Sardinian appetizers and the local Vermentino White wine!