The marina, the citadel and old town, and the views across the harbour and surrounding cliffs are the individual highlights of your visit, but it is the atmosphere and Mediterranean ambiance that will stay longest in your memory…

…so be sure to allow time to simply sit on a cafe terrace and relax!

Start your visit with a stroll around the natural harbour, admiring the jet-set yachts that are usually stationed here.

With a backdrop of cliffs and the citadel above, there are also plenty of bars and restaurants around the harbour to choose from (many rather expensive) this will quickly put you in holiday mood!

This medieval old-town in Bonifacio is the oldest town in Corsica, partly on a white limestone peninsula, and with many of the tall houses along cobbled streets in a spectacular setting along the top of the cliffs.

There are several individual sights of interest such as parts of the fortifications such as the lookout tower and a couple of churches, and lots of quaint streets with interesting architectural feautures to admire. Our personal favourite street is Rue du Palais-de-Garde.

Another popular site in Bonifacio is the ‘Staircase of the King of Aragon’, a steep staircase cut into the cliff below the old town. A small entrance charge is payable but highly recommended.

The Lavezzi Islands form a small archipelago of granite islands and reefs in the Strait of Bonifacio that separates Corsica from Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. They are administered from Bonifacio on Corsica, region of France.

The Lavezzi islands are uninhabited .