Sant’Antioco, Phoenician Carthaginian Necropolis

Explore the Mysteries of Sant’Antioco on Your Sardinia Tour
Sant’Antioco, a captivating island steeped in history, welcomes you to uncover its ancient treasures as you embark on a mesmerizing tour of Sardinia. With a rich Phoenician and Carthaginian heritage, Sant’Antioco offers a glimpse into the past like no other place on the island.
Phoenician Carthaginian Necropolis: The Sant’Antioco necropolis, dating back to the Punic Carthaginian era, is a testament to the island’s ancient funeral practices. Explore the vast and complex burial system, including burial chambers containing ritual vases, containers, and even gold jewelry and amulets. Wander through the tombs and trace the footsteps of those who lived in this historic period.
Tophet: Delve into the open-air sanctuary known as Tophet, which served as a cemetery and crematorium for infants. Learn about the rituals and practices that took place here, rooted in the ancient Aramaic word “tapìa,” meaning “place of arson.”
Underground Village: Venture into Sant’Antioco’s underground village, a remarkable subterranean world carved by Carthaginians for their tombs. Discover the unique history of this site, which was later repurposed as dwellings for the town’s poorest families.
Basilica: Visit the Basilica of St. Antioco Martire, one of the region’s oldest monuments. Explore its Greek cross plan, chancel facing east, and magnificent architectural elements that have been added over the centuries. Uncover the hidden frescoes and Byzantine mosaic that once adorned its walls.
Catacombs: Sant’Antioco boasts one of the earliest Christian communities in South West Sardinia, founded around 100 AD. The catacombs serve as a testament to the early Christian faith, with subterranean rooms transformed into a collective cemetery for believers. Discover the history of Antiochus, a follower of Christ, and his place of rest.
Archaeological Museum: Immerse yourself in the Archaeological Museum “Ferruccio Barreca,” a unique treasure trove of Phoenician and Punic civilizations. Explore artifacts from the island’s underground necropolis and tophet, providing insights into ancient life.
As you embark on your tour of Sardinia, Sant’Antioco invites you to unravel its mysteries, explore its rich heritage, and witness the traces of civilizations that have left an indelible mark on this enchanting island. Experience the magic of Sant’Antioco and embrace its history on your journey through Sardinia’s captivating landscapes.