Santu Lussurgiu Tour

The village of Santulussurgiu is located in the Montiferru region in the heart of Sardinia.
This very ancient region boasts beautiful forests, churches and even a settlement of Medieval Chevaliers in San Leonardo de Siete Fuentes.

Most of all Santulussurgiu is famous for the breeding of the Bue Rosso del Montiferru: more then 100 years ago a group of Sicilian farmers brought to Sardinia some Modican race Bulls, with their typical red colour, and they mixed with the local cows.

The result is a unique variety of veal: Its meal is delicious and from its milk you can obtain the Casizolu, a delicious fresh or mature cheese with its intense unique flavour.

The Casizzolu and the Bue Rosso are protected by Slowfood, the Italian organisation specialist for the protection of the rare and unique gastronomic specialties of Italy.

Santulussurgiu is also an important centre for handcraft production including knives and typical liqueurs.

It’s very nice to enjoy pass through the mountain road to Macomer, passing by the Medieval Settlement of the Chevaliers named San Leonardo di Siete Fuentes, Sardinian and Spanish word referring to the local Seven Springs.